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Tapisserie (Condé Nast Traveler)

Tapisserie (Condé Nast Traveler) “It’s one of the best places in London to get custom-made wall-hangings,” says jewelry designer Noor Fares. “I love their embroidered pillows and handbags, and their beautiful Christmas stockings will last a lifetime.”...

Relative Values: Lady Palumbo and her daughter Petra

Relative Values: Lady Palumbo and her daughter Petra Hayat: I was born in Lebanon. My father, Kamel Morowa, was a publisher. He had three newspapers and I was named after one of them — al-Hayat, which means The Life. He was also a writer, journalist and...

A real stitch-up

A real stitch-up "These things are cyclical," says Hayat Palumbo, the founder of Tapisserie, a London specialist in handmade needlepoint for 30 years. "It went out of fashion when computers came along and designers were all experimenting with digital...

Pretty Posh: Petra Palumbo

Pretty Posh: Petra Palumbo Meet hot new model, super-streamstress and renowned sushi impersonator Petra Palumbo.

Tapisserie (Embroidery Magazine)

Tapisserie (Embroidery Magazine) Tapisserie's team of talented artists produce hand painted needlework designs ranging from 16th century patterns through to contemporary abstracts on wearable items such as bags and slippers, as well as the more familiar...

Mighty Thread

Mighty Thread Tapestry is not just for decorative, flowery patterns. To prove it, fine needlework experts Tapisserie of London paired up with Zaha Hadid Architects, never accused of being flowery, to create an utterly contemporary piece of tapestry for our...

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